The Fruits of Contemplation Create Sketches


With a background based on thought patterns of an architect who is affluent in logical thinking and at the same time as an painter of abstract paintings who tends to be spontaneous and is rich in feelings, a deep conflict ensues between logic and intuition. There  have been uncountable numbers of sketches sprouting from such nauseous sensations which erode self-confidence.

These restless battles in the sketching process have borne fruit in an implicit agreement with instinct, surrendering submissively by giving “intimate space” between conflict and instinct. Let the courteous brush strokes express gentleness, let the wild brush strokes express spontaneous courage, and let them all start from instinct. It is an aesthetic experience which enables multiple orgasms.

The Introduction in “Paradox”
A Painting Exhibition. Soerabaia in Bilingual Sketches
22 June – 3 July 2013
Grha Wismilak Surabaya